Succession Equals Utopia

Would it take a succession to finally bring peace to democrats and republicans? No one will ever agree with one another 100 percent that holds a lot of truth and to support you’re own freedom you have to respect others as we’ll. But how can we do this in a peaceful manner? How can you have you’re cake and eat it to!

Many can argue till you’re blue in the face you will not change everyone’s mind especially when it comes to public safety and gun rights. It is our given right, it’s ┬ánot a theory that we have the right to protect ourselves from harm it is ones sole responsibility to protect themselves. You can choose to have some one protect you say police or military, but this comes with a price when you give you’re rights away. You give you’re right to protect yourself away ultimately stating you are unable and not fit to protect you’re self and property that you give consent┬áto your rights to the authority you are not capable of or competent to do so.

One word comes to mind when the people with the guns control the people and grant their protection for a nominal fee of course. Perhaps you should check what the definition of a Mob or Gang. Police are the hired mob to make sure you adhere to what those in power say is right or wrong, for a nominal fee of course. It’s crazy to think of it that way but in the end when you pay for protection and it’s mandatory and you must follow what they say or else!

So the struggle continues will it ever change I hope so. Listen these are my thoughts and I will share them if you do not like what I say then you have the right to click that x in the corner and move along. But I do have a dream that one day people will simply split this country in half and those who wish to give away all there rights to government have at it but I am and hopefully for as long as I live can fully and competently protect myself and my family. To teach them right from wrong and that we are responsible for our own actions.

Imagine a society that actually when it said you’re free meant it and that when you broke the law they actually took action. You can have you’re life controlled and you can give up you’re rights but I choose freedom, I am smart enough to know right from wrong and that I am the only one who controls my future and what I choose to do affects that.


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