When will we stand up!

I wonder how long will it be till we step up and fix our legal system and crooked government. What will be the tipping point, if you think waiting for martial law is the right time then I’m not sure you understand the implications martial law would have. With presidential executive orders Hitler would be proud of it’s clear what President Obama’s intentions are.

And it’s my belief we are under martial law already or that Obama can use it like a switch to justify some of his latest unconstitutional actions. Never before have I been so enraged by a Presidents ignorant behavior. This says a lot considering J.W. Held the ticket for some time. I don’t know what to believe that comes from the white washed house. I look over the recent migrant wave from Syria and the newest threats from CIA renegades Isis, can they be so blind to not see or is this a deliberate invasion.

Of course there are many factors that come with the Syria crisis, our economy is at a breaking point with no hope and forward progress with budget cuts to stabilize our fairy take economy. You should always look at all aspects of a situation before coming to a final decision, we have an obligation to 300 plus trillion before we can over extend our limit. With the rise of families on unemployment and benefits to add hundreds of thousands is not wise.

When I see the total wealth in this world it’s no secret there’s the top CEO’s and Elite that account for 1 percent of the population but hold 99 percent of the wealth. We don’t have any money as a country and we have the top money point fingers at the lower class’s as if we had enough funds to take care of our own family let alone hundreds of thousand more. It’s not being crude or ignorant it’s about honesty.

I can think of a few rich and powerful bankers and elitists that have scammed country’s like Argentina and the US out of hundreds of trillions with the help of properly placed heads that also blustered heavily. But yet you have the pope and Obama and many others saying it’s the middle classes duty to continue to bend over and take it for the team. We’ll me personally I’m done listening and sitting back, watching my country hemorrhage out the last bit of its soul to some greedy millionaires.

It might be a ripple in the large ocean but we must find the common core with one another and put some differences aside for a minute while we fix our current disaster called government.


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